Press Release Example

The following is an example writing test I completed for a successful job application. Placeholder company names and other information are used where appropriate.


One Smart Wallet: New Multi-Retailer App Collects Mobile Payment, Loyalty Programs, and Discounts Across 100+ Retailers

Starbucks, Apple Pay, Google Pay: the mobile payment market is not a new one. But for users who want to enroll in loyalty programs or use discounts at every retailer they visit, downloading one more app is another tedious step in the process.

Company X is cutting through the noise with their inclusive app X Platform, a one-stop shop for mobile payment, loyalty points, and customized shopping experiences all in one accessible app. The app also provides ground-breaking competitive data for retailers to see users’ shopping habits and provide incentives such as sales, vouchers, in-app purchases, and more.

With integration across more than a hundred retailers in the UK, this centralized wallet makes it easier for buyers and retailers to shop, sell, earn loyalty points, and engage in customized campaigns designed specifically for unique users.

“It’s about creating a better buyer experience,” Company X CEO John Smith said. “We know that some retailers want to create their own mobile experiences. The X Platform is able to power multiple ‘smart wallet’ interactions for the ultimate omnichannel experience.”

The company was inspired by the success of mobile payment apps like Starbucks and Tesco but wanted to take it one step further, especially for retailers who wish to have more robust data on their shoppers. “What makes us unique is how you make mobile relevant for retail,” Smith said. “We know the consumer profile, preference, and behavior and can provide better data than Google.”

X Company’s app will simplify the buyer experience and empower retailers to provide the best-tailored customer retention.

About X Company

Founded in 2013, X Company got its start at Imperial College after seeing the success of the Starbucks app. Within 18 months, they implemented a version of the app in 21 universities and 35 corporate canteens. Their work has been featured in Techcrunch, Wired, Business Week, Time, The New York Times, and Forbes.