Whether writing about lifestyle decisions, video games, or local news, storytelling is my drive, my passion, what gets my up in the morning. We all have stories to tell, and above all else, I am a storyteller.

The following is one of many newsletters I wrote for Avantpage Translations, a translation company based in California. August 2021
The following is an example writing test I completed for a successful job application. Placeholder company names and other information
man in blue and brown plaid dress shirt touching his hair
This article was originally published at Rewire.org. COVID-19 has sparked worldwide city shutdowns in an effort to stop the pandemic
woman using laptop doing a video call
This article was originally published at Rewire.org. In times like these, it’s hard to think about celebrating good news —
young troubled woman using laptop at home
This was originally published at Rewire.org. Earlier this year, I was fired from a job for the first time in
This article was originally published at Rewire.org. In times of crisis, it's natural to seek out good news to counterbalance
mother holding her baby
This piece was originally published on Rewire.org Earlier this year, I went to Sacramento for a concert. I was meeting
I researched the University of Nevada, Reno's Special Archives to find the story of Nevada Senator Pat McCarran and Reno
Avery Baldwin is the education program coordinator and a paramedic at REMSA, the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority, which provides
Ken Hines has been working with neon for 38 years and describes himself as the last full-time neon tube-bender in