Whether writing about lifestyle decisions, video games, or local news, storytelling is my drive, my passion, what gets my up in the morning. We all have stories to tell, and above all else, I am a storyteller.

Social media—Facebook and Twitter especially—have given rise to a lot of great advancements for civic life. After the earthquake struck
The first time Kyle and I talked about kids, it was in the parking lot of a Baskin Robbins, on
I want more depressed characters. Honest to god, cannot function, struggling to find the motivation to continue living, depressed. And
Keeping the tradition of “non-traditional” finals, Professor Vanessa Vancour asked her News Studio students to organize a listening party for Noticiero Móvil,
I've always adored kids. Considering I was the oldest of five, my upbringing definitely gave me a healthy awareness of
We’ve all read the listicles. We’ve read the articles in Forbes and Fortune. We know we need to have more conversations about
Two days before the Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas, an international competitive gaming tournament, 10 local gamers prepare to represent the
Two weeks ago, a friend gave me a copy of “Shadow of Mordor,” and I spent several days attempting to